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Bridging The Gap

Sean and RobertSean and Robert first met briefly in 2018, they instantly had a connection, however, their individual projects made a collaboration difficult. They knew they wanted to explore a chance for an opportunity to work together. 2 years later, they reconnected, and the timing could not have been more perfect! They instantly clicked, the flow between them was effortless and the grass roots concept of Bridging the Gap was created. 

Sean is the Empathy, bringing you to the bridge: The place of encouragement, understanding and potential. Sean’s life map has taken him into some harrowing situations, and through some interesting experiences. He has much to share; humor, grief, anecdotes, cautionary tales, and good choices so listeners don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Sean’s life has been a colorful one filled with adventure and reflection. His life is centered around dealing with trauma from a very young age and coming out of that trauma, relatively unscathed to help teens deal with their journey through the teen tunnel and beyond. Sean is the person he needed to be when he was in the darkest period of his life.

Robert is the Sympathy, bringing you over the bridge: The place of education, application, and instruction. At a young age, Robert when through a period of childhood obesity, and thankfully, did not have the additional factors that Sean did. Robert was able to focus all his efforts and energy on helping others achieve success in their journey to good health. Calling on his own life experiences, #bobbylovesfood, Robert created the Plate Structure System and other effective tools to help everyone tackle their obesity through education, hard work, and practical application. No gimmicks, just real information. Sean and Robert continue to have deep conversations about their experiences; talking about where their life maps took them, and how they can use their experiences and education to help others as they are on their journey to good health. Robert and Sean also host a podcast, coincidentally called, Bridging the Gap – and bring the listener into their conversations
about health, wellness, nutrition, mindset, successes, failures, attempts, experiences, and the chemical reactions that our bodies experience every second of every day.

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Our team Sean Mulroney, Founder


My life has taken me on some incredible adventures – my journey has been full of pretty high highs, and very low lows. It hasn’t always been exciting, a lot of times, it’s been pretty rotten.

My life was full of bad choices, brought on by hurt, confusion and a need to fit in. My choices brought me to morbid obesity and that’s a choice I wish I had never made – morbid obesity cripples you emotionally, socially and mentally. I was hiding. I hid behind an overly confident façade –I had to keep people laughing with me so they wouldn’t laugh AT me.

After my daughters were born, I reached out to a personal trainer named Brandon Glore, and Brandon worked with me to get a handle on my obesity. He educated me, he never gave up on me because I never gave up on myself. I am now down 125 pounds, and while I still have a long way to go, I am closer now than I have ever been.

For so long, I had allowed my obesity to control me until I stepped out of the shadows of obesity. I put myself out there, because I was ready to make a dramatic POSTITIVE life change.

I never dreamed I would struggle with my weight, but there I was, killing it!

Now my struggle is different, I work hard every day to keep my body moving, allowing only good and healthy food. It’s not really a struggle, the food is great – the struggle is carrying around this extra weight.

Our team Robert Reames, CSCS, CN,CPT/CES/FNS/PES

Robert Reames (RR) is a personal and group trainer, a certified nutritionist, wellness coach an author and a motivational speaker. Born and raised in Northern Indiana (Elkhart, IN) and a firm believer in hard work, dedication and honoring commitments. His strong athletic background teamed with being overweight as a kid continue to fuel his passion for the entire arena of the wellness industry which he loves so much.

Things to Know:

  • Head trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant for The Dr. Phil Show (20+ years and counting)
  • Spokesperson for Gold’s Gym International (16+ years)
  • TV and Broadcast features include: The Doctors (multiple episodes), Extra, Access Hollywood Live, Hallmark’s Home & Family, The CBS Early Show, Extreme Makeover, The Rachel Ray Show, KIIS-FM, KOST-FM, HuffPost Healthy Living, Prevention, Heart Healthy Living, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine, LiveStrong, Shape, and Self Magazine and much more.
  • Host of Disney’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Workout for Beginners and author of the best-selling book “Make Over Your Metabolism”
  • Robert “Rob” Reames has been, and continues to be, a leader in the fitness/nutrition, health, corporate wellness and lifestyle industry on the local, national and international level.
  • 40 years of experience in the world of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness.
  • Nutrition and fitness contributor for Robin McGraw’s NY Times best selling book “What’s Age Got to Do With It?”
  • Host of Disney’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Workout for Beginners DVD

Endorsements and Partnerships include:

  • Gold’s Gym International (17 years)

  • Walgreens (2 years)

  • Mio Heartrate Monitors (2 years)

  • VEEP Nutrition System (7 years)

  • The Pear Sports Training App (10 years and counting)

  • Echelon Fit (2 years and counting)

Robert Reames

Benefits of The Obesity Revolution
Private Coaching

Work directly with nutritionist, trainer and wellness coach, Robert Reames. This is not a diet, this is the truth about learning skills, obtaining tools, getting knowledge, attaining personal empowerment and confidence and momentum. Let us teach you skills so you can take the baton and do this on your own.

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  • Private community for sharing and accountability
  • Weekly group Zoom calls to discuss nutrition and other health and wellness topics

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